I've long been a fan of writers like Jim Thompson, David Goodis, and Mickey Spillane. These three, along with many others in the crime/noir genre, have defined storytelling for me. Their tales of cynicism, of alienation, and of unforgettable individuals on the run (from the law, from their own pasts, or from a world they never helped to create), have inspired me to write crime novels. My first novel, WHO'LL STOP THE RAIN, is currently available on Amazon. It's part of a planned multi-character trilogy centering around crime and criminals in South Florida, where I've lived for nearly 25 years​. The second entry in that series, a novel called AGAINST THE WIND, is also available. The final installment, STAYING ALIVE, is in progress. I'm also hashing out ideas for a new series beyond this one.

Thanks for visiting my site. I'll be updating it frequently, so check back.

--Don Donovan